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A few of our specialties


Acting as the first line of defense between you and the Plantation roads, properly maintained brakes are essential to a safe drive. Our ASE certified technicians perform a wide range of brake repairs, and we’ll have your car braking like new!


Is your engine making some strange sounds? Automotive engine systems can cause complicated and frustrating issues. Our auto repair shop offers everything from basic maintenance to major engine repair and diagnostic services.


No matter what your transmission repair needs, you can have complete confidence in our experienced technicians to recommend the right transmission repair or service for the right price.


With each passing year, new vehicles include an ever-increasing number of electronic components. At Roger’s Auto Repair, we can perform just about any auto electrical service.

Dean Bromante,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are here to make your auto repair experience as pleasant as possible. From oil changes to major engine repairs – our ASE certified mechanics strive to give you a peace of mind by making quality repairs and taking care of all the details promptly. Whether we are returning your vehicle to pre-issue condition, providing scheduled maintenance, or improving the condition of your vehicle, we will always do our best to guarantee honest and reliable service.

We have been proud to serve Plantation and the surrounding areas for over 44 years, and are anxious to meet you when you are in need of mechanical services. We offer a variety of automotive services – please just ask! Give us a call today and discover for yourself why we are considered one of the best in the region.


Elaine J. from Fort Lauderdale, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 7/3/2018:
"The mechanics are magicians! "Big Mike" is an angel. My 17 year old car had begun acting like a 71 year old man....gently shuddering when I stopped. Rogers put it on the machine and said "there is really nothing showing wrong." In neutral or Park, it ran fine, but I had to put it in park at every red light as it ran rough when idling. All I could say was "it doesn't feel right". Not much to go on. I tried to explain and Big Mike said he had a good idea what the problem was, or several ideas. I left the car. A few hours later I got a call that said "good news! We found the problem and it was not as serious as we thought it might be....your car is ready." And it was. It ran like a new car, silent and smooth. My 17 year old car was like a 17 year old athlete.. in perfect condition. What a pleasure dealing with these people..... and once again driving a fine sedan that runs like a new car."
5 star rating
Lanie J. from Fort Lauderdale, whose Chrysler was in for an auto repair service, on 4/28/2018:
"I am an 80 yr old widow living on Social Security. I came to Ft Lauderdale to visit my daughter and on Friday I stepped on the brakes and the entire car shuddered and jerked. I came home and called Rogers Auto Repair. I was very upset and in tears. The very calm and pleasant and reassuring woman who answered the phone asked if I could bring it in "first thing in the morning". Jane was professional and warm on the phone. I took the car in and a mechanic took it out for a run and came back. I waited a short time and then "Big Mike" came out and apologized for taking so long but he had had some trouble finding the parts I needed as it was a 16 yr old car and not easy to find. He told me exactly what was wrong and told me how much it would cost to fix it. He also was professional and reassuring and made me feel like I was important to them. I asked if i could leave the car until for a couple of days and he told me "no problem". That was his smiling answer to all my panic..... and the car was ready for me to pick it up when they said it would be. I would go back again if I ever needed anything done to my car and would recommend this place to anyone who wants to be treated like a valuable person and an important customer. Service is fast and efficient and it is reasonable."
5 star rating
Lori L. from Coconut Creek on 5/3/2016:
"Thanks for making my BMW new again!!! Solved issues that BMW wouldn't or couldn't!!!"
5 star rating
Roland J. from Plantation on 2/29/2016:
"I went to Roger's for an oil change and asked them to check about the check engine light. They did a smoking test and found out a hose was loose, No Charge for this function. Therefore I'll always trust this kind of service. My then mechanic had bypassed that feature several time after being advised to check it. I've had issues with my mechanic before but I believe that they are only human, he who is without sin cast the first stone."
5 star rating
Marckenson P. from Plantation on 2/29/2016:
"Very knowgeable staff that take pride in their work. They diagnose the problem within minutes and figure out a plan of action. They fixed the car within a couple of days with no issues. They go above and beyond to fix any problems you have with your car that you may not have even noticed. Did I mention that they take pride in their work!?! Highly recommend them and will be using them to buy my next car as far as knowing if a car is mechanically sound. Also I would like for you to know that the car was a VW Beetle whichs needs a specialized mechanic. They were knowledgeable and didn't have to google or search Wikipedia and car manufacturer company sites to figure out things like some other fake Mechanic."
5 star rating


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